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Cameron Bayley
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Some self-respecting tabloid mag readers (myself included) not only can tell you what Robert Pattinson’s favourite aftershave is, but also like to think about how this knowledge colours their world view. Bliss is for them.

Created: 01 November 2009
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A couple in crisis. A child reciting twisted limericks. A manic nurse. A grand piano. Blood. All the signs are there: you’re taking a journey to the dark side of suburbia in the Sydney Theatre Company’s new production, The City.

Created: 05 July 2009
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There’s something a little David Lynch about being serenaded by Carpenters’ classics in the plush red Studio at the Opera House.

Created: 01 March 2009
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There’s a fine line that most cabaret stars have to balance – between being one of us, the audience, but also making it very clear why they’re the one up there on the stage, and not down in the seats

Created: 21 February 2009
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Subjects, prepare to enter the court of Queen Christina of Sweden in Queen C, a feverish and smart (albeit a tad frustrating) production which is part of Belvoir’s B Sharp season.

Created: 04 December 2008
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Before you can say “Melrose Place on acid”, things spin out into the absurd, as characters move in and out of dreams and fantasies, mingling memory and reality.

Created: 21 August 2008
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Those Salem witch-spotters are up to no good again, in this return season of New Theatre’s production of the Arthur Miller classic.

Created: 15 August 2008
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August Strindberg’s Miss Julie is a dense, powerful play concerning class, desire and love, and the struggles between, and within, each of these.

Created: 15 June 2008
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In the course of the performance, this boxing ring becomes, among other places, a prison cell, a railway line, concert venue, and beach jetty. So it’s clear: everyday life, in all its aspects, is a place you must survive.

Created: 24 May 2008