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Penelope Broadbent
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Pin Drop raises more questions than answers, but judging by Saulwick’s notes, this is perhaps what she set out to achieve.

Created: 29 July 2011
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One of the most joyous elements in this show is the way it captures the interaction amongst and between the artists; the dancers and musicians, but also the men and women.

Created: 28 July 2011
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Die Winterreise is a work that transcends an evocation of mood; it forces a visceral participation from its audience, and offers an experience quite unlike any other.

Created: 24 July 2011
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The Water Carriers is one of those surprising works that ends in an emotional space entirely different to that in which it begins, and pleasantly, it takes its audience along with it.

Created: 26 June 2011
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It is difficult to know what this play is actually hoping to achieve. It depicts stereotypical, unrecognisable characters, and highly unlikely coincidences.

Created: 17 June 2011
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The two pieces, though very different in style and mood, are together a reflection and celebration of spirit; of life’s journey – here on earth and afterward, as well as in the origins and basis of classical ballet itself.

Created: 12 June 2011
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Reg Cribb’s The Haunting of Daniel Gartrell is a play that calls for more than just one viewing or reading. Within its text and Straightjacket Productions’ production of it, there is much to get one’s head around.

Created: 03 June 2011
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Nina proves that as an art form, ventriloquism can be not only extremely funny, but naughty, sexy, topical, and perhaps above all, intelligent.

Created: 15 April 2011
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On this particular evening the theatre is half empty and despite the talent of its comedians, the mood is rather subdued.

Created: 06 April 2011
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Best of British
MICF 2011

Every night upstairs at the Exford Hotel is the Best of British, a show that has what it describes as a “revolving line-up” of International (British) acts, each of which have their own shows playing at the Festival.

Created: 05 April 2011
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