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Bron Batten
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It was a devoted crowd that packed into the Recital Centre to watch An Evening With Billy Bragg, presented as part of the 2012 Melbourne Festival.

Created: 21 October 2012
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The Melbourne International Arts Festival officially launched last night with the contemporary Dutch opera After Life, from composer Michel van der Aa.

Created: 12 October 2012
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Drought and Rain is a quiet meditation on memory. It explores the modern horror of warfare through traditional folktale form and echoes from the past that still linger in the present.    

Created: 22 September 2012
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Dance as an art form is so often filled with lyrical portrayals of beauty, love and grace. It is not so often that it takes on the subjects of political regimes, violence and oppression.

Created: 13 October 2011
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As the wine flowed so did the conversation around the many dinner tables – but these were stilted as more videos took over eating interludes, pausing any repartee mid sentence.

Created: 12 October 2011
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Demetri Martin

With his unique brand of observational humour, Demetri Martin has conquered stand up stages the world over.

Created: 04 September 2011
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Parker is particularly adept at revealing and nurturing the individual skills and unique presence of each of his performers in portraying their characters.

Created: 25 March 2011
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A Jew and a German explore the legacy of the Holocaust. It is a convergence that is rife with personal and political tension, the cultural legacy of atrocity and guilt through historical implication.

Created: 26 November 2010
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A silence permeates the audience that is as deep as the blackout which surrounds us. Slowly a figure is revealed - but not the whole figure, a mere head floating in a void of space.

Created: 21 November 2010
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Opening Night is a complex work that comments on the obsession with age and the desire for youth.

Created: 24 October 2010
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