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Simon Piening
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A man and a woman – both battered, volatile outcasts – meet in a run-down bar in the Bronx. They strike up a disturbing conversation that unravels everything in them.. Australian Stage has ONE DOUBLE pass to give away!

Created: 29 May 2018
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This new production of The Wizard of Oz by Andrew Lloyd Webber retains all of the classic elements that anyone familiar with the 1939 film would hope to see, while subtly updating the story for a more contemporary audience and cleverly incorporating some visual wizardry...

Created: 22 May 2018
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The second play in a trilogy of work by Olivia Satchell about the relationship between grief, memory, and the female body, my sister feather shifts between a stark prison centre and the shared childhood of two women to investigate trauma and...

Created: 21 May 2018
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Young bachelors, Algernon and Jack, lead a detailed double life as they court the attentions of the wonderfully desirable Gwendolen Fairfax and Cecily Cardew. Australian Stage has ONE DOUBLE pass to give away!

Created: 19 March 2018
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On paper, Priscilla has all the ingredients for a fun night out, but in practice she is beginning to show signs of her age.

Created: 03 February 2018
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One of the most anticipated shows of the year, the National Theatre of Great Britain’s multi award-winning production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time opens in Melbourne tonight. Coinciding with this landmark production, the Arts Centre Melbourne has undertaken their largest...

Created: 11 January 2018
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Ever since it's first performance in 1599(ish), Much Ado About Nothing has been one of Shakespeare’s most popular and frequently performed plays.

Created: 02 October 2017
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In 1992, The Bodyguard was the second-highest grossing film of the year, behind Disney’s smash hit animated feature, Aladdin. Twenty-five years later, both films have been turned into stage productions and both of those, by sheer coincidence, are currently playing in Melbourne.

Created: 31 August 2017
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Where The Lion King was an entirely original theatrical reimagining of the film, this stage version of Aladdin wholeheartedly embraces its cartoonish origins, and frequently resembles an extravagant panto.

Created: 24 April 2017
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Kinky Boots

While the story is genuinely enjoyable with it’s heart-warming, what’s-not-to-love message of finding your niche, and displaying tolerance for those different to yourself, this production is rather uneven in its execution.

Created: 24 October 2016
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