Melita Pereira

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Melita Pereira
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Now in its sixteenth year, the Production Company continues to dazzle and entertain musical theatre devotees by performing some of the most cherished and celebrated Broadway musicals ever staged.

Created: 20 July 2014
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Imperial Suite is a swirling interplay of elegant lines, glittering pointe work and evocative orchestral music.

Created: 22 June 2014
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The Beauty Queen of Leenane is a raw black comedy, always playing in the shadows of violence and grotesque honesty.

Created: 30 May 2014
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Pacific Overtures examines the inevitability of change as Japan faces the challenge of westernisation by America. 

Created: 23 February 2014
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Kris Stewart

Adelaide born Kris Stewart is the founding director of the New York Musical Theatre Festival. He spoke to Australian Stage's Melita Pereira about his latest production, Life's A Circus currently playing at Melbourne's Theatreworks.

Created: 11 August 2009
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Red Sky Morning is an emotionally charged production about the despair that simmers beneath the surface of silenced domestic life.

Created: 07 June 2009
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Haul Away tells the story of terminally ill Kate whose imminent death from cancer pervades the play, forcing her family relationships and almost-lost life to fall into sharp reflection and revelation.

Created: 19 May 2009
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Andrea McCannon and Matthew Kenny convincingly embody Margrethe and Niels Bohr, portraying an intimate dynamic around which the tension of the play orbits.

Created: 10 March 2009
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The sound of dripping water and silhouettes illuminated against a blackened stage draw us in.

Created: 16 November 2008
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Red Stitch's Marie Antoinette: The Colour of Flesh, is an exposition of politics, beauty and love set against the tumultuous backdrop of the French Revolution.

Created: 02 November 2008
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