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Alice Allan
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Peter Freestone worked as Freddie Mercury’s personal assistant for 21 years. He talks to Australian Stage's Alice Allan about 'the most authentic Queen tribute ever' Argentinian band DSR – and the upcoming tour of Its a Kinda Magic.

Created: 15 July 2011
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Celebrating everything that’s cool and ridiculous about club culture, from the eye-popping moves to the questionable clothing trends, is a perfect platform for a dance production.

Created: 10 October 2009
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Leigh Warren & Dancers’ Seven is a visual treat that calls on its audience to reflect on some intriguing and at times difficult themes.

Created: 24 August 2009
Hits: 2828

From the South Australian town of Goolwa via the Melbourne International Comedy Festival comes James Moffett.

Created: 15 August 2009
Hits: 5152

Written in 1980, Latin! channels Stephen Fry’s much-loved wit and camp cheekiness into the world of Chartham Park Preparatory School for boys.

Created: 27 June 2009
Hits: 4552

While there are plenty of reasons to flinch, what this work is really looking for is an audience willing to contemplate the spaces between right and wrong.

Created: 21 June 2009
Hits: 2698
Sam Floyd

‘Where play meets sketch’ is how Freshly Ground Theatre creator Sam Floyd describes the company’s latest offering, Every Base Covered. He might have added hand crafted, heartfelt and seriously entertaining. Sam Floyd talks to Australian Stage's Alice Allan.

Created: 27 May 2009
Hits: 4773

You might notice some unusual things happening while Adam Hills is on tour with his Inflatable show. Strangers might smile at you in the street for no apparent reason.

Created: 29 March 2009
Hits: 3104

The Incident at Fugue Bay starts with a premise that would make the writers of any crime drama jealous.

Created: 24 March 2009
Hits: 3793

There’s a danger when reviewing Dawn Upshaw that you’ll end up smothering your writing in superlatives.

Created: 02 February 2009
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