Chris Michelle-Wells

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Chris Michelle-Wells
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The format for 2 Ukeleles and a Cello is a familiar one: musical comedy improv done theatre sports style.

Created: 07 April 2013
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Headliners is a rotating roster of current US stand up comedians, three performing in a single show from a pool of seven performers.

Created: 01 April 2013
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Dead Can Dance

Nothing beats a home town crowd, it seems. The devoted and faithful gathered at the Palais mid-week to witness the return to Melbourne of Dead Can Dance

Created: 08 February 2013
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The cast couldn't be faulted for the levels of energy displayed on the night, and special mention should go to Lehpamer, fresh from a lead role in Rock of Ages, always a charismatic and engaging presence on stage.

Created: 23 November 2012
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The 2012 Australasian Worldwide Music Expo (AWME) kicked off in fine style on Thursday night with an opening night line-up at the Hi-Fi bar that featured an array of mostly Melbourne soul and funk acts.

Created: 17 November 2012
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Thurston Moore

It was a low key start to a generally relaxed show, and an early indication of Moore's charmingly oddball behaviour.

Created: 26 October 2012
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Lee Ranaldo

Lee Ranaldo is a gentleman. He fronts the stage looking a bit like someone's favourite uncle, with a slightly unruly silvery grey head of hair, and charms with an unprepossessing and appreciative manner, genuinely happy to play for you.

Created: 26 October 2012
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Text of Light

A ToL performance is a meeting of legends in light and sound, all the musicians well known and regarded in contemporary music (none more so than Ranaldo, of Sonic Youth), and Brakhage a giant of avant garde cinema.

Created: 24 October 2012