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Ben Nielsen
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On face value, it is reasonably engaging and enjoyable, but the show is undeniably shallow. It lacks the most important qualities of a musical, and as such, falls short of audience expectation.

Created: 15 May 2014
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The third Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour heralds the collaboration of Opera Australia and Spanish creative team La Fura dels Baus. The result is an inspired reimagining of Giacomo Puccini’s Madama Butterfly.

Created: 23 March 2014
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Chenoweth is devilishly dirty, irreverent, and utterly hilarious. More than this though, she seems like a genuinely lovely person.

Created: 09 June 2013
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Her roles in the films Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club have made Molly Ringwald a pop icon. These films may have defined her as an artist, but there is actually far more to Ringwald than just acting.

Created: 08 June 2013
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As the curtain was raised last night, cabaret returned to its home at the Adelaide Festival Centre.

Created: 07 June 2013
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Shane Warne – The Musical has received a few careful nips and tucks before returning to the stage at this year’s Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

Created: 06 June 2013
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A mother, a father, a daughter, a son. An ordinary family going about their ordinary day. Within minutes though, a random act of violence changes everything.

Created: 28 May 2013
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On the road to promote her new album Encore, Marina Prior discards the garb of her usual stage roles to perform in an exposed, acoustic setting.

Created: 24 May 2013
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The new realisation of Henrik Ibsen’s work tastefully envelops the audience in a story of both tradition and relevance.

Created: 02 May 2013
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Perhaps Paige is not the same artist that many would recall from the early 1970s, but her matured voice and glamorous style are just as enjoyable. It was a rare but cherished opportunity for Adelaide audiences to witness an artist as iconic as Elaine Paige.

Created: 25 October 2012
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