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Lauren Sherritt
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Eugène Ionesco’s play Rhinoceros is currently being staged by heartBeast Theatre, the Brisbane company choosing a fittingly absurd play to perform for an increasingly absurd world.

Created: 15 October 2017
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An Octoroon is a production of contrasts. Bright white stage and pitch-dark blackouts. Raucous comedy and stark reality. Black face and white face. Loud rap music and uncomfortable silence. The rights afforded to characters of white skin, and the treatment of all others.

Created: 22 September 2017
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Emily is a girl and she lives in a unit, she’s nice and normal and she’s really sweet – or at least that’s what the main character of Screw Loose would have you believe.

Created: 08 June 2017
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Fifty years after Sgt Pepper taught the band to play, cabaret Lady Beatle celebrates the music of The Beatles at La Boite.

Created: 28 May 2017
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Imagine a world where time doesn’t exist, at least not in the linear, beginning-to-end fashion that we are familiar with.

Created: 19 March 2017
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It’s hard to imagine leaving a theatre show about a boy whose mum is suicidal with cheeks sore from smiling, but the after-effects of seeing Every Brilliant Thing are anything but expected.

Created: 11 March 2017
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It’s hard to think of a better place to be on a hot stormy night in Brisbane than inside a cool, dark theatre listening to top-notch music.

Created: 09 December 2016
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Entering into the world of The Wider Earth is like journeying back in time to a near-magical landscape, a landscape that it is hard to believe is still the one we inhabit today.

Created: 15 July 2016
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High expectations are met by The Secret River, a Sydney Theatre Company production bought to Brisbane’s Playhouse stage by Queensland Theatre Company, for a limited season that has already sold out.

Created: 29 February 2016
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Is there any more evocative an opening line than, “Once upon a time”? Harvest Rain’sproduction of Into the Woods, currently playing a QPAC, starts here and jumps into its fairy tale setting with the appropriate gusto, weaving a tale full of magic, laughter, suspense and music.

Created: 04 October 2015
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