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Val McFarlane
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In Romcom, Adam Francis and Dilruk Jayasinha both tackle the broad subject of how to balance the desire for a comedy career with the desire for a normal relationship.

Created: 13 October 2012
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Trying Hard is loosely a show about someone who wants to be a comedian but can't quite find the motivation to do it, subtitled To Be or Not to Bother.

Created: 05 October 2012
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How to Get Rich is a highly entertaining tale of hope, and what happens when you take a chance. 

Created: 03 October 2012
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The show will confirm your worst fears about the dark side of TV current affairs, and perhaps change your viewing habits forever. But it'll be worth it - go.

Created: 29 September 2012
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Mandaddy | Yon

It's clear from the start that he knows he's asking a lot when he requests that the audience watch Mandaddy "through the prism of sexy thoughts".

Created: 01 September 2012
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Francesca Martinez brands herself "the world's wobbliest comedian". She has a form of cerebral palsy, the full name of which, she says, makes her sound like a Dr Who villain. 

Created: 14 February 2012
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It’s really all about the music. No style is sacred and they poke fun at every cliché going, from the techno blasted from young hoons’ car stereos to all those songs that you think you know the lyrics to...sort of.

Created: 07 February 2012
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It’s not traditional stand-up. Simmons bursts into song, lets us hear the voice inside his head and uses a series of props – including the contents of a supermarket trolley – to create a bizarre menu of ideas and images.

Created: 19 November 2011