Claire Condry

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Claire Condry
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A funny, polished, satisfying theatrical offering.

Created: 11 April 2019
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I wish I could report that like so many others I was riveted by this much anticipated production. Gatz simply wore me out.

Created: 04 March 2019
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This is a lovingly told story of family life in the East end of London, a lower income suburb, traditionally home to a large population of Jewish refugees, many from Eastern Europe.

Created: 20 February 2019
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This performance was littered with clever literary references but there is no need to be an 1810 English literary aficionado to appreciate the humour. It is a brilliantly performed, delightfully silly soufflé.

Created: 16 February 2019
Hits: 129

A once-off evening in the glorious St George’s Cathedral.

Created: 15 February 2019
Hits: 247

There is no question about the talents of this small ensemble, their voices and choral work are excellent and the writing is cleverly witty and extremely funny.

Created: 12 February 2019
Hits: 266

It’s easy to imagine self-confessed grammar nerd Fitzhardinge, as the odd one out in the popular girls group at school.

Created: 06 February 2019
Hits: 343

Ferguson was in excellent form as he basically gave the audience a tour through his life and times.

Created: 03 February 2019
Hits: 217

The show is about love, an intimate musical journey. Friends searching for love. Some in the right places others not so successful.

Created: 02 February 2019
Hits: 274

Grammy award winning Lucky Oceans rounded up a team of extraordinarily talented musicians for a raucous evening of barrel house blues.

Created: 01 February 2019
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