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Australia has such a peculiar obsession with the daggy European song contest that it’s ripe for a parody, and in Eurowision the writers have hit the perfect sweet spot between an affection emulation and farce.

Created: 14 April 2019
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If you’re a fan of a particular muso or comic, you’ve probably wondered what they’re like at home or with their mates. Tripod and DAAS fans now have that option. At least occasionally.

Created: 14 April 2019
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This should have happened years ago and if the programmers at Network 10 have any foresight, they’ll be on the phone to her any day now.

Created: 13 April 2019
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Bamford is the quiet, understated voice that will always offer the loudest challenge to inequality or injustice or hypocrisy.

Created: 10 April 2019
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It’s a super-slick, often hilarious romp of a tragedy yet MacDeth still manages to slow down and give pause to the more serious sections that deserve consideration.

Created: 10 April 2019
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Armed only with their wits and matching Elizabethan shirts, the Soothplayers will improvise a new, off-the-cuff play every night for the rest of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Created: 09 April 2019
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The Great Annual Debate is such a cornerstone of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival it’s easy to forget the format of debating was ever meant to be serious.

Created: 08 April 2019
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Steinberg opens with a long, graphic diatribe about dating as a 53-year-old serial divorcee with a history of drug use and adversity to working for a living.

Created: 08 April 2019
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#Kwanda: A Play

This glorious chaos would never make it past the kill button of live TV, so if you really want to witness what might happen on Q&A if people starting telling the truth, get along to #Kwanda.

Created: 08 April 2019
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This young musical talent, who drops scientific facts like the Kardashians drop brand names, is way too smart to be a truly dizzy space cadet.

Created: 07 April 2019
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