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C.C. Williamson
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With the enhancement of visual beauty through live video manipulation by Thomas Pachoud, Proximity engages immediately with the voyeuristic nature of both human and camera, through the one thing we both share – a lens.

Created: 17 August 2013
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Dead Symphony

The tubes of light resemble a dismantled pipe organ, only the high pitch tubes in view. A church-like feeling emerges. The small, contained, underground space could easily be likened to a crypt or a mortuary.

Created: 08 August 2013
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With a cast including Tracy Mann, Alan Flower, and Vincent Crowley, this exciting, thought provoking, moving and downright creatively excellent contemporary hybrid theatre work is a must-see…full stop.

Created: 10 October 2012
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Capetown Opera

          The whole stage buzzed as the theatrics came thick and fast, leaving a feeling of excitement and revelry for hours after.  

Created: 09 September 2012
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The Czech Philharmonic made their debut performance in 1896 conducted by Dvorak, himself.

Created: 28 August 2012
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Looking forward to the celebration of a monumental day in the history of our great contemporary society – Reconciliation Week and the National Reconciliation Concert.

Created: 29 May 2012
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A young Jewish boy, Evan Goldman (Andrew McKinnon), twelve turning thirteen, greets us with the news of his bar mitzvah. The excitement is shortly ruined by the news that his family has split and he must move from New York, his school and his friends, with his mother, to...

Created: 19 December 2011
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Grey Gardens the musical for the most part, disconnects with the dramatic tension in the narrative structure, because of the musical element.

Created: 27 November 2011
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With the irregular stream of witty one-liners ejaculating from a gender-heavy view of the world of porn, relationships, gag reflexes and pub pick-up politics, The Fellatio Monologues is a mixed delivery style of stand up and live theatre, raw, unpolished and ‘cool’.

Created: 11 November 2011
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Boldly directed by Imara Savage, Orphans is an excellently written play, running two hours without interval, and for the most part, intriguing.

Created: 09 October 2011
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