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Suzie Hardgrave
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Overall, Tenderness is a magnificently successful production in its aim of highlighting big questions, and igniting the conversation about them.

Created: 08 September 2011
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This modern play tells the story of an academic marrying an Iraqi refugee in Australia, and converting to his way of life, to his land, completely in love, and further, to committing crimes of catastrophic proportions.

Created: 02 September 2011
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A debut theatrical work from Kerry Tucker, Revlon and Razor Wire certainly has heart. But like a diamond in the rough, it needs de-sanding, refining and polishing, from cathartic experience to a theatrical work.

Created: 26 August 2011
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Namatjira unfurls the life of watercolour artist, Albert Namatjira. Born as Elea, and renamed Albert by a Lutheran missionary, he was the first Aboriginal to be given Australian citizenship, highly regarded for his exquisite talent as an artist.

Created: 14 August 2011