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Jodi McAlister
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The name Caress/Ache offers a picture of what the show should be like – a delicate caress, a subtle ache. Sadly, this production does not live up to the play’s name: instead of a caress, this is a sledgehammer.

Created: 06 March 2015
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We laugh in the right places, and marvel appropriately at John Bell’s pitch perfect rendition of the iconic Seven Ages of Man speech. But, Bell aside, there’s not much in here to elevate this production above the serviceable.

Created: 27 February 2015
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This is a compelling, taut, provocative piece of theatre. The decision to cast playwright Lui in the role of her own textual avatar was brilliant, and adds another layer to the piece's intense honesty.

Created: 20 February 2015
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Not a lot actually happens in Emerald City, which I think contributes to the problem: there are a lot of words to very little action. It’s a fairly shallow treatment of the problem of the highbrow versus the lowbrow.

Created: 25 October 2014
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An ambitious piece which follows the personal and political dimensions of the relationship between a white Australian man and a Chinese woman over twenty five years, it is occasionally problematic, but overall, a riveting, affecting, fascinating play. I could not look away.

Created: 17 September 2014
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Mr Kolpertis one of the best things I’ve seen this year. This darkly fantastical comedy is mesmerising and rib-achingly hilarious. In recent years, pantsguys have proved to be a company to watch, and with this show, they...

Created: 02 August 2014
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How can you tell if you're in love if you're drugged? This is the question at the heart of Lucy Prebble's meaty play The Effect.

Created: 13 July 2014
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Eight Gigabytes of Hardcore Pornography is astonishingly good. This is some of the best theatre I’ve seen in 2014. It is excruciatingly accurate, brilliantly pointed in its portrayal of insecurity and addiction. I was utterly transfixed.

Created: 12 May 2014
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I really wanted to like Wonderland. I love small plays with small casts telling small stories – and what is smaller than the intimate intricacies of a romantic relationship?

Created: 08 April 2014
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This knowledge that what you’re watching is based on someone’s actual experiences makes it difficult to say what I have to about this play: it didn’t work for me.

Created: 06 April 2014
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