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Penny Spirou
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Amadeus Live is an engaging performance, which perfectly combines history, entertainment, and the live music standard that the Sydney Symphony Orchestra is renowned for.

Created: 15 October 2017
Hits: 1000

The Ham Funeral is a peculiar journey into the minds and emotions of a small family, mourning the death of a family member who seems to be as loved as he was despised.

Created: 24 May 2017
Hits: 1158

The stunning choreography in this epic tale weaves together a life story, punctured with historical events that carry a weight of emotion.

Created: 03 May 2017
Hits: 1157

Faster is modern ballet in its truest form. The production is segmented into three works, completely unlike each other. They explore moments in time, people, places and how they connect to each other.

Created: 09 April 2017
Hits: 2602

Translating a non-musical film to a stage musical is always risky business. Sometimes it works and sometimes it really doesn’t. Luckily Bring It On the film already had a lot of musical characteristics to work with, so its stage counterpart needn’t have strayed too far from the original incarnation.

Created: 28 June 2015
Hits: 1159

Effie is looking for love, and times are tough. She has been through a lot, even had a baby girl (via the divinity of Immaculate Conception) and still cannot seem to find the man of her dreams.

Created: 28 April 2015
Hits: 779

American stand-up comic, Pablo Francisco, has returned to Australian shores for the 4th time to deliver his manic comedy routine to adoring fans. In this particular show, Here We Go Again (Back in the Outback) he trials his new animated skits with...

Created: 23 April 2015
Hits: 1523

Haircuts is all about people building a life for themselves and their family. The symbolism of the haircut is that, without realising it, you do in fact leave a piece of yourself wherever life takes you.

Created: 16 April 2015
Hits: 1543

Once you see McLachlan as Frank you will be asking, “Tim who?” It isn’t difficult to see why McLachlan was awarded the 2014 Helpmann Award for ‘Best Male Actor in a Musical’

Created: 15 April 2015
Hits: 857

Everybody Loves Lucy is a short and sweet foray into the world of Lucille Ball, accompanied by all of its glorious ups and downs.

Created: 23 March 2015
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