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Memmie Le Blanc, also known as the feral child of Champagne, named after a region in France, is the story of a girl who was found and purchased by Madame Catherine Michel – who loved her as her own daughter and tried to bring her to acceptable societal conventions.

Created: 12 September 2011
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The language was pleasant and resonated across the levels of the room, but the extended meaning seemed to have been placed elsewhere.

Created: 16 August 2011
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The tragedy of the story became our story, and the fears of this cryptic night at the theatre became our very fears.

Created: 13 August 2011
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Who's the Best explores, through the arc of three individuals (none of which being your run of the mill performer or dancer) the results and realities of how our society perceives and compares success.

Created: 10 August 2011
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Samuel Beckett's Godot has been generously crafted and remains for all ages, an obscure meandering in its psychological, philosophical and aesthetic layers; in its climax without a climax and its beginning without a beginning.

Created: 01 August 2011
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This play is what a good story is. It is neither fancy nor is it camouflaged with riskless speech. It is quite simply a revelation of what everyone has done or has had done to them.

Created: 31 July 2011
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It's as intimate and raw as any rehearsal room has to be. It is as imperfect and as frustrating as any routine should be.

Created: 29 July 2011
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Whoever said that jury duty was a drag? Tonight we were getting an education; a well constructed master class into the judicial system and a deliberate decision had to be forged.

Created: 14 July 2011