Deborah FitzGerald

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Deborah FitzGerald
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This is a clever, witty, entertaining piece of musical theatre. It asks the audience to remember the simple things in life while reminding it of the challenges that lurk on every street corner.

Created: 26 January 2012
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Part one man-show, stand-up routine, theatre of the absurd, dance, improvisation and poignant drama, it is impossible to categorize but it is a wild and thrilling ride.

Created: 03 December 2011
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The choice to tackle such a dark subject by the Australian Theatre for Young People could be considered brave or foolish. Either way, the performances by the young ensemble cast were courageous and confronting if a little uneven at times.

Created: 19 November 2011
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The Book of Everything is a kaleidoscope of images, ideas, emotions, characters and possibilities juxtaposed with the harsh realities of domestic life in the wake of World War Two.

Created: 23 September 2011
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Transparency demands much of its audience, prodding it and provoking it with difficult questions about honesty, truth, forgiveness, redemption and, of course, transparency.

Created: 04 September 2011
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Josh Thomas’ wry, observational humour had his audience squirming as well as laughing out loud.

Created: 12 August 2011
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There is nothing wrong with a little bit of silliness especially when it comes with brilliant voices, gorgeous costumes and bundles of enthusiasm.

Created: 09 August 2011
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When the emotional denouement came towards the end of the Griffin Theatre Company’s production of And No More Shall We Part, it was gut-wrenching.

Created: 04 August 2011
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Under the skillful direction of Edwards, and with the inspired 1930s Berlin setting, this new version soars with emotional intensity and vocal clarity.

Created: 22 July 2011