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Heather Bloom
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A deeply engaging performer, Bisset has a powerhouse voice and stand out stage presence.

Created: 10 October 2019
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Black is the New White is an absolute joy to watch.

Created: 09 October 2019
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There’s a great deal happening in Anthem, a cross section of humanity meets and the differing opinions and cultures make for great people watching.

Created: 04 October 2019
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As climate change awareness reaches an all-time fever pitch, with the likes of Greta Thunberg calling on humanity to save the planet, while business booms for the Australian coal mining industry, Circus Oz’s Aurora could not be more perfectly timed.

Created: 30 September 2019
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Theology is a sensitive topic, it can both bring people together and completely polarise them.

Created: 16 September 2019
Hits: 356

Opening the doors to the mysterious chocolate factory, five children and their parents are invited into Wonka’s world after winning a golden ticket granting them access to the fantastical candy land.

Created: 21 August 2019
Hits: 530

The music of multi-award winning composer Stephen Sondheim arrives at Chapel Off Chapel in this sensational concert selection of his Broadway hits – Everything's Coming Up Sondheim. Heather Bloom had a chat with one of the show’s stars, Genevieve...

Created: 29 July 2019
Hits: 407
Come From Away

Come From Away may not be the musical we deserve. But it's the one we need.

Created: 23 July 2019
Hits: 265

In the Australian premiere of the production by Ashley Rose Wellman, director Peter Blackburn delves into the fascination the media and society has with serial killers.

Created: 18 July 2019
Hits: 220

Alistair McDowall’s play is not so much a cautionary tale of the future of humanity, but an all too real depiction of the dystopian universe we are already living in.

Created: 18 July 2019
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