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Heather Bloom
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Attacking topics such as the gender wage gap and misogynistic boys club culture of corporate Australia, Strata Inc. pulls no punches when discussing and dissecting these all too important issues.

Created: 02 December 2018
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Have you ever felt like you were doomed? That every path you took in life was the wrong one, that you were not only unlucky in love, but in your career, you life, as if there was some otherworldly force determining your every move?

Created: 28 November 2018
Hits: 229

The Hamlet Apocalypse is a curious event that is visually and aurally over the top and will keep your heart in your throat for the entire performance.

Created: 13 November 2018
Hits: 475

Puffs or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic looks at the untold stories of the Harry Potter universe, the unsung and unheard of hero’s that make up every great adventure.

Created: 13 July 2018
Hits: 488

It’s the story we all know and love, the original “makeover plot” where the downtrodden lower class girl is transformed into a princess seemingly overnight.

Created: 23 June 2018
Hits: 749

Susan-Ann Walker and Sally Bourne star in their brand new show Subtle, premiering at the MC Showroom from 17–20 May. Heather Bloom sits down with the stars of Subtle who are anything but…

Created: 03 May 2018
Hits: 495

Max Riebl, Melbourne’s favourite countertenor has done it again, bringing his latest baroque/pop mash up to the masses with Hard to Handel.

Created: 30 April 2018
Hits: 568

McClements’ Cleopatra is a force to be reckoned with, an untamable spirit whose loyalty to her country is only matched by her love for the great Roman warrior Mark Antony (Johnny Carr).

Created: 30 April 2018
Hits: 643

Jack and the Beanstalk has all the classic makings of pantomime and is a delight for both children and adults.

Created: 14 April 2018
Hits: 514

It’s easy to see why this award-winning act is so beloved the world over.

Created: 06 April 2018
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