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Heather Bloom
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The music of multi-award winning composer Stephen Sondheim arrives at Chapel Off Chapel in this sensational concert selection of his Broadway hits – Everything's Coming Up Sondheim. Heather Bloom had a chat with one of the show’s stars, Genevieve...

Created: 29 July 2019
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Come From Away

Come From Away may not be the musical we deserve. But it's the one we need.

Created: 23 July 2019
Hits: 175

In the Australian premiere of the production by Ashley Rose Wellman, director Peter Blackburn delves into the fascination the media and society has with serial killers.

Created: 18 July 2019
Hits: 159

Alistair McDowall’s play is not so much a cautionary tale of the future of humanity, but an all too real depiction of the dystopian universe we are already living in.

Created: 18 July 2019
Hits: 437

A classic teen flick of the naughties, Bring it on beloved by teenagers across the world for its snappy dialogue, and rich beautiful teenagers who seemed to only have to worry about one thing, winning nationals at the Cheerleading Championships.

Created: 15 July 2019
Hits: 706

Heisenberg is about uncertainty, of taking the plunge into the unknown with a stranger, a lover, a friend and to start really living.

Created: 24 May 2019
Hits: 291

Cloudstreet is a big budget piece with lots going for it, in fact there’s simply too much story to squeeze into the two-part production which can either be consumed over one day or two.

Created: 23 May 2019
Hits: 366

Returning to fortyfivedownstairs after a sold out season, Lightning Jar Theatre presents Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play.

Created: 08 May 2019
Hits: 193

What do you do when you’ve performed everything? Why you conquer Troy of course!

Created: 17 April 2019
Hits: 177

Cal Wilson is the delightful pocket sized performer with stories of suburban life that will appeal to a wide ranging audience.

Created: 11 April 2019
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