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Eleanor Howlett
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Bell Shakespeare's latest production of The Merchant of Venice is a thought provoking take on one of Shakespeare's most controversial comedies.

Created: 23 July 2017
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Anyone heading along to see the MTC/QTC co-production of Noises Off and expecting anything else other than just a fun, lighter night out at the theatre might be at a loss with this one.

Created: 16 July 2017
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One of Shakespeare's History plays, and the fourth longest in the entire canon, Richard III is a tricky piece and has the potential to just become a mass of talking heads coupled with bloody chaos.

Created: 24 April 2017
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Hot Brown Honey

A fabulous hive full of women of colour take centre stage this week at Melbourne's Arts Centre, and you'd better sort out some time to get there.

Created: 08 December 2016
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With their latest season, the Melbourne Theatre Company have taken this frisson-filled Mid-Summers eve, and made it into a multimedia exercise that just doesn’t quite satisfy.

Created: 03 May 2016
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It's a slick, tight performance with jarring, jagged edges that satisfyingly spring out at you from the pitch black.

Created: 06 March 2016
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With the legendary Alfred Hitchcock at the helm and an iconic score by Bernard Herrmann, the movie is one that is so well known, adapting it for the stage could be considered an exercise as treacherous as one of Roger Thornhill’s cliff hanging escapades.

Created: 08 June 2015
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For, revenge is at the core of I, Malvolio and it comes subtly, and in many clever ways.

Created: 08 January 2015
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There’s nothing quite like an ensemble of exceptionally skilled circus artists to make one feel completely physically inadequate one minute, and then struck dumb with awe the next.

Created: 18 October 2014
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The tenth anniversary return season of WICKED to Melbourne’s Regent Theatre pulls no punches. It’s big budget wonderment overflowing with sumptuous costumes, a set design that demands gasps of delight, and singing that makes the goosebumps.

Created: 18 May 2014
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