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Nikki Thomas
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This work takes an engaging and thoughtful look into the many cultural identities of our country and the treatment directed towards them.

Created: 25 September 2009
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With its engaging storyline, bitingly sharp direction and exceptional performances, Store Room Theatre proves once again they are one of Melbourne’s premier independent theatre hubs.

Created: 10 July 2009
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Premiering at the Malthouse Theatre, A Commercial Farce takes its swipe at commercial theatre and the joys and perils it contains.

Created: 18 June 2009
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In April 1986, Irish author Brian Keenan was taken hostage in Lebanon. Abducted on his way to work at the American University of Beirut, he was kept captive for four and a half years

Created: 12 May 2009
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Hutchinson has written an uproarious play, in which his actors can flex their skills on a wide range of levels.

Created: 02 March 2009
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Hitting its mark in the 2009 Midsumma Festival, Forbidden Broadway is one musical revue with a twist.

Created: 07 February 2009
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What follows is an hour of absolute absurdity, breath taking choreography and a vast insight into the creative genius of both men.

Created: 22 November 2008
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First staged in 2006, this consistently impressive theatre company makes a welcome debut to the Melbourne International Arts Festival.

Created: 22 October 2008
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With a title like this, I admit I was a little apprehensive about what sort of performance I was about to see.

Created: 02 October 2008
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Having been written and rewritten for nearly 6 years now, An Actor Prepares is a polished performance that deserves focus and thought.

Created: 27 September 2008
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