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Amy Welsh
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In the Garden is a meandering new work which due to the very issue of timing unfortunately doesn’t quite manage to reach the evocative and emotional heights it tenderly reaches for.

Created: 18 July 2011
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The Complete Works… is a riotous and energetic production, which combines ‘years of combined Shakespearean acting experience, improvisation and pop culture references’ to excellent effect.

Created: 12 June 2011
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If you have ever been to the reproduction Shakespeare’s Globe in London, you’ll know what magical, awe-inspiring structures Elizabethan theatres were.

Created: 06 June 2011
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Titus Andronicus was a patchy, disjointed show, whose success and impact was impeded by issues with pacing, text and performance.

Created: 23 May 2011
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If you want a crowd-pleasing play, you really can’t go past William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Created: 12 May 2011
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This production dabbles with a lot of contentious issues; the experience of deaf people in the community, animal rights, the issue of informed consent, the nature of love and the ethics of who can love in the eyes of the law.

Created: 07 April 2011
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This is an uncomfortable, low-key but fast paced, odd-ball presentation of the worst the world has to offer, and for that reason, it’s a powerful and thought-provoking night of theatre that should not be missed.

Created: 21 March 2011
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Following what can only be described as a tumultuous 2010, Deckchair Theatre bravely stepped up to the microphone Wednesday night and launched their performance program for 2011, entitled ‘A Season of Voyages’.

Created: 11 March 2011
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Overall, what I liked the most about Animagica was its simple demonstration of the power of music to create mood, atmosphere and meaning.

Created: 07 March 2011
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Appearing at the Perth International Arts Festival, The Animals and Children Took to the Streets is a modern Gothic fairytale created by 1927, a contemporary performance company from the UK.

Created: 02 March 2011
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