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Julia Hern
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Antarctica the musical has some very important, relevant information to convey to audiences. It tries to find a place within the genre to get the messages across while being essentially entertaining, and without being too dry or “preachy”.

Created: 31 October 2016
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An all local cast of musicians, singers and dancers graced the stage of The Peacock theatre in the Salamanca Arts Centre to present Cabaret Showcase as part of Hobart’s Festival of Voices.

Created: 08 July 2016
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We think we’re safe in “the west” from the atrocities that happen elsewhere; the war, the poverty, the displacement. To deal with the Devil seems just as unlikely, until it happens.

Created: 30 April 2016
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Although so much of the original play has been condensed, in this production, there is infinitely more space.

Created: 05 March 2016
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Hard Core Mysteries is the brain child of French Canadian native, Pierre Ulric. It is a mixture of parlour tricks, card play and illusion.

Created: 19 February 2016
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There’s No One New Around You moves at a perfectly timed, snappy pace and has been crafted to deliver a balance of music, sight gags, multimedia and re-enactments.

Created: 19 February 2016
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Men, you’d better leave your insecurities at home, because these three strapping young guys will test your fragile ego. Everyone else, you’re going to love it. Get on board, gasp in awe and witness the power of Elixir.

Created: 18 February 2016
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In Vanity Bites Back, Helen Duff creates a character who is absolutely bonkers, in the most brilliant and entertaining way.

Created: 18 February 2016
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The group of 4 performers is from South Africa and they kept the back to back routines coming at a cracking pace in variety show style. There wasn’t a theme, journey or story to follow, just lots of snippets of talent and skill thrown into a steam punk melting pot.

Created: 14 February 2016
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The Kransky Sisters have been prowling the Fringe circuits, picking up awards for many years, yet this is the first time I have ever seen them. They didn’t disappoint.

Created: 14 February 2016
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