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This year's line-up, a cross section of some of the finest chamber ensembles in the country, would have graced any of Australia’s more well established festivals, and it is a massive endorsement of Festival Director Catherine Harker’s entrepreneurial skill that she was able to secure these...

Created: 27 April 2022
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Our ears had been purified, refined into the most subtle distinctions of resonance by baroque harp and voice, so that the sound of a modern wind quintet burst on our ears like a thunderstorm after gentle sunshine.

Created: 14 March 2022
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This venue, purpose built for chamber music, has been described as the best chamber music concert hall in Australia.

Created: 14 March 2022
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In just half an hour, I was alone, face to face with a screen on which was someone older than me whom I’d never met and would be most unlikely ever to meet again.

Created: 12 March 2022
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This was a truly transformative experience.

Created: 09 March 2022
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It is rare indeed to attend a work whose dramatic place is less than a kilometre from its place of staging.

Created: 08 March 2022
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The Australian Haydn Ensemble are an early music orchestra at the top of their game. 

Created: 08 March 2022
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I doubt that this opera will ever make it into the standard repertoire. Yet congratulations to the Festival organisers for putting it on especially in the current circumstances.

Created: 07 March 2022
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The Adelaide Festival is a cultural flagship of Australia. Modelled on the Edinburgh Festival, it has throughout its history staged works unfamiliar to Australian audiences.

Created: 07 March 2022
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Wudjang: Not the Past is, among other things, a powerful wake-up call to non-indigenous Australians like me. After almost 250 years we shouldn’t need it, but we do.

Created: 28 January 2022
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