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Vito Mattarelli
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For one night only, Manilla Street Productions has somehow managed to entice a host of musical theatre stars to create some of the magic of Maury Yeston's masterwork for a charity fundraiser.

Created: 01 November 2016
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There is much charm to The Light in the Piazza aided by some beautiful music. Here is a thoughtful piece not just about young love, but also about mothers and families, and the opportunity to grow. 

Created: 29 October 2016
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StageArt and The Color Purple have shown that there is a world of exceptional musical theatre treats to be savoured beyond the city walls.

Created: 17 October 2016
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Curtains is a comedy musical whodunit, set backstage on a show that's having a pre-Broadway tryout (in Boston) and experiencing some major problems.

Created: 21 August 2016
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Funny Girl was first produced by The Production Company in their inaugural season in 1999. Travelling full circle, the company has revived the show, and managed to lure back their original star, Caroline...

Created: 24 July 2016
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Titanic the Musical premiered on Broadway over 20 years ago, yet this is the first time Melbourne has had the opportunity to experience this adaptation of the fateful events.

Created: 10 July 2016
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Ms Amy G and Entershamement is very, very funny. It's one hell of a wild, sometimes reckless and even dangerous ride, but an hilarious one.

Created: 11 June 2016
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Bobby Fox's life changed the moment he first saw Jersey Boys on Broadway. A year later, and his life changed once again, when he won the coveted role of Frankie Valli in the Australian production of the mega hit musical.

Created: 11 June 2016
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Over recent years Australian audiences have been treated to an annual parade of Broadway Divas in concert, from the amazing Idina Menzel to the sublime Audra McDonald. The latest in the line is the delectable Megan Hilty.

Created: 09 June 2016
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It is always difficult viewing a production which arrives with headline banners telling us how good it is. Expectations can be high, and if not achieved, can leave an audience disengaged. Blonde Poison could have achieved much more, with less fanfare. 

Created: 03 June 2016
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