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Joe Lusk
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Yes, the rain has come and gone, the temperature is creeping up into the twenties, you could even say we’re on the cusp of summer, but surely that’s not reason enough to be caught drifting merrily down Flinders Street in a sombrero?

Created: 26 October 2010
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Lost in the reverie of befuddled amusement, 24 hours later it’s still difficult to properly articulate the profound joys that await any intrepid carnival-goers.

Created: 12 October 2010
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Looking around Hollywood, at comedies past and present, it’s impossible to ignore the influence of the Jewish community on what we consider to be amusing in the modern Western world.

Created: 31 August 2010
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Attempting to rationalise the play in any literal sense is futile since it is the ambiguous, meandering nature of the 4 voices that allows it to become such a powerful work.

Created: 24 August 2010
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To update an ancient story, to re-imagine in a modern context whilst maintaining the integrity of the narrative is no mean feat. To update an update successfully, well, that would be an heroic effort.

Created: 24 June 2010
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In Little Black Bastard, Tovey takes his audience through the trials and tribulations of his formative years, winding a tortuous path through the many buildings and institutions that he called home and past the numerous guardians that he either loved or...

Created: 17 June 2010
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Hackett’s light-hearted take on history’s most famous love tale elicits all the warmth, laughter, tomfoolery (and filth) from the Elizabethan script to create an endearingly jocular performance.

Created: 27 May 2010
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Sadly, the concept fails to deliver in practice what it promises in theory.

Created: 21 May 2010
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Black clothes? Check. Black guitar? Check. Uncomplicated melodies, distinctive vocal, rock star swagger? Check, check and check. Why, oh why then, is it so hard to emulate Johnny Cash?

Created: 28 April 2010
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Charming, familiar and satisfying, as an intimate show ‘My Grandad was a clown…’ is a resounding success.

Created: 08 April 2010
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