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Caitlin Gahan
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They’re completely silent, surly, dirty and absolutely adorable. Yes, that’s right. They eat maggots and they are adorable.

Created: 24 September 2010
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It’s a story with a dark, clever, crude, twisting narrative that demands as much from the audience as it does from its sole actor.

Created: 22 September 2010
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The theme is undeniably modern girl-power with an aggressive, nails-bared edge. Butler’s onstage persona is that of a woman who’s not going to take any bullshit from anyone, let alone a man.

Created: 09 September 2010
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Do you like your whimsy mixed with just the right dose of very clever wit? Do you prefer your sentiment sweet rather than saccharine? Do you like seeing acts of an unspeakable nature performed on a sock puppet?

Created: 05 August 2010
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The controversial relationship between C.S. Lewis (best known as the writer of the Narnia chronicles) and American divorcee Joy Gresham is the basis for the story of Shadowlands.

Created: 30 July 2010
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Alesa Lajana

Alesa Lajana took to the Brisbane Powerhouse stage this weekend to launch her latest album Secret Garden.

Created: 20 July 2010
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Tender wasn’t terrible, it certainly wasn’t the worst thing I have ever seen. It was...

Created: 02 July 2010
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Wilson wants to take us on a little trip. A trip through his well-known and obviously much-loved music. And he knows exactly what we want to hear.

Created: 24 June 2010
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According to Tom Waits "God must be a musician". If that's the case, then a very happy Brisbane audience just worshipped at an alcohol-soaked altar during the homage to Waits: Tom Waits For No Man as part of the Brisbane Cabaret Festival.

Created: 19 June 2010
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Australian Stage was invited to the world premiere of QACI’s In God We Trust and found out that it’s anything but another high-school musical.

Created: 16 June 2010
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