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Briony Kidd
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Bijou's Secret is the haunting story of the three generations of women, and how their lives have been blighted by the bitterness of the unacknowledged past.

Created: 24 May 2012
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Legs, Elbows, Lips is a marvellously rich depiction of romantic relationship gone wrong – or perhaps just a romantic relationship; perhaps the play is saying that all romantic relationships go wrong. Or that going wrong is somehow right?

Created: 24 May 2012
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This is a play about ‘self-help,’ but in the sense that has meaning, not the daft sense. It's about quieting all the voices competing for attention, and confronting the true struggle that is Ruben's and Ruben's alone.

Created: 07 April 2012
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It's a simple story, a modern fable with a satisfying sense of inevitability about it. The plot, then, is not really the thing: this is a play about how the situation is handled by each of the characters.

Created: 29 October 2010
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The latest in a series of works by Terrapin Puppet Theatre to grapple with the notion of 'digital puppetry.'

Created: 20 September 2010
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Four writers were asked to live for a week in a small Tasmanian community and this quartet of twenty-minute plays is the result.

Created: 13 September 2010
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It was 7.30 on a Tuesday night when, red wine in hand, I made my way through the curtain that took me from the foyer of City Hall into the dimly lit festival club of the Hobart Comedy Festival.

Created: 29 July 2010
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Power Hip Hop

It's not only the diverse backgrounds that these performers come from that makes Power Hip Hop a valuable experience, it's the very different ways that they approach the project.

Created: 14 July 2010
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Each play runs at an hour and the combination certainly gives the audience its money’s worth.

Created: 01 June 2010
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The best moments in The Company I Keep are the most unvarnished: brothers and sisters squabbling and chasing each other with abandon, a man’s struggle with feelings of hopelessness, the co-dependent dance of lovers.

Created: 22 May 2010
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