Steve Androulakis

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Steve Androulakis
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The Melbourne Recital Centre's double bill Jazz Festival show features two spiritually similar acts with vastly different implementations and style.

Created: 03 May 2010
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For all the heavy handedness of his approach, he manages to have you in stitches with apparent ease.

Created: 28 March 2010
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Fitzroyalty: A Know Your Brunswick St Tour is a silly, fun, and even somewhat informative ride.

Created: 28 March 2010
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Jamie Kilstein possesses a rare one two punch of razor-sharp ranting and personal honesty.

Created: 25 March 2010
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The energy that these accomplished musicians brought to their dark, modern blues-rock proved that combining enthusiasm and yes, a fair amount of freakish talent is a recipe for a rocking, crowd-pleasing show.

Created: 21 March 2010
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Despite how much most of the audience tried to be amused, it clearly wasn't happening as we sat through one tired, obvious reference after another.

Created: 18 March 2010