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Laurel Green
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Gaining inspiration from these most famous tour destinations Nevile waxes poetic about our favourite off-road adventure – the bumpy quest to love.

Created: 08 April 2010
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The weather did it’s best to impress as artists and audiences arrived in Wellington for the 2010 New Zealand International Arts Festival.

Created: 06 April 2010
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Constantly adjusting her black-rimmed glasses and sweeping fringe, this petite comedienne skirts the edges of political correctness to play on her upbringing, relationships, and lesbian stereotypes.

Created: 06 April 2010
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Muirhead looks a lot like a professor in his tidy suit, and begins his routine with a pop quiz about Charles Dickens’ quotes.

Created: 04 April 2010
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Good Hair
MICF '10

Taking a humourous approach to this surprisingly tough topic, Rock and his filmmaking team ultimately create a thoughtful and enlightening film.

Created: 03 April 2010
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I fear that his play does not leave us with very much to appreciate by its incomprehensible end.

Created: 01 April 2010
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Intimacy adds an excellent new level of suspense to their tricks, and this Circus act delivers the thrills.

Created: 01 April 2010
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More than just stiff upper lips and dry sarcasm, this floorshow reveals the hip and clever talent of some funny young poms.

Created: 30 March 2010
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The Memory Progressive blends dance movement with theatrical text, animated projections and a blistering score, to examine the aftermath of severe memory loss.

Created: 26 February 2010
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These acts defy explanation and avoid description, but are pure moments of live energy.

Created: 20 February 2010
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