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Augusta Supple
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Breathing warm Australian breath into the literary pages of Gorky is no easy task.

Created: 06 October 2014
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In the spirit of Snicket, Woodley is playful, energetic and clever – and it is a big stage, a big orchestra – he swings through the sections always keeping his eye on the prize – us.

Created: 10 August 2014
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Though dutifully and deftly delivered by a very capable cast, Mojo falls short of the explosive and effusive praise quoted in the program.

Created: 03 June 2014
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Interplay is an intriguing suite of works by Sydney Dance Company full of experimental expression, philosophical questioning and casual elegance.

Created: 05 April 2014
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The Shadow King is an incredible testament to a vision which seeks to break open and subvert cultural and theatrical assumptions through scale, through premise, thorough the integrity of community consultation.

Created: 26 January 2014
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Suspended on a grid of metal pipe, sits three people. Two women and a man. Somehow caught adrift in mid-air the three stare into the dark of the audience. At any moment they might speak, or sing – to us, to each other.

Created: 25 January 2014
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Kate Denborough has assembled a series of vignettes centralised around a piece of equipment which flexes and fluxes – which both enthrals and bores.

Created: 21 January 2014
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There is something about circus which now, more than ever, captures the attention and imaginations of audiences.

Created: 10 January 2014
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This is an interesting portrait of a person, but a powerful exploration of personal choice in the face of wider societal expectations.

Created: 04 December 2013
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A dark open mouth of a proscenium arch, hemmed with a moustache of broken, missing or faded light bulbs. A thin, endless branch arcs into the sky. Grey, brick-worked waste land. Two men, like tattered coats upon a sticks, wait.

Created: 25 November 2013
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