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Helen Barry
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Dawson and McCarthy are witty at times and ragingly bitter and daring at others. It’s a play of extremes, an emotional roller coaster that demands a lot from its audience in terms of its complexity and intensity.

Created: 09 March 2013
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The Secret River is, in a very real sense, Australia’s creation story.

Created: 15 January 2013
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Myers' Peter Pan proves to be a fun-filled nostalgia fest that will transport adult audiences back to those early wonder years where anything and everything was possible.

Created: 12 January 2013
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Twitter. Facebook. Blogs. Wi-Fi. Trolling. It wasn’t long ago that these weren’t even words, let alone predominant forces governing our lives. We are evolving, but into what?

Created: 29 September 2012
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This is a trailblazing Belvoir directorial debut for the company's young-gun artistic director Ralph Myers. "It's a frowsy business, marriage," Elyot tells Amanda as the two contemplate giving the whole shebang another whirl, for old time's sake; but there's nothing even slightly frowsy about this...

Created: 28 September 2012
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Ovo, while not perhaps as perfect as it could hope to be, is still a tantalising trip for young and old alike, offering a serving of rarefied circus snippets that linger long after the insects have flown from the stage. 

Created: 15 September 2012
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Schmitz has been very, very brave. If his dialogue wasn't as sparkling as a bottle of Dom Pérignon (and just as tasty and sophisticated) there would have been nowhere left to run and hide.

Created: 07 September 2012
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This is a beautifully conceived, immaculately executed production. Tim Draxl is sighably sublime as Chet.

Created: 23 July 2012
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Tonight, as we rocked up to Norths, the league's club that seemingly time (and the NRL) forgot, I had probably come to snigger. It's true. But Bobby Bruce, alias Nearly Neil and his "Aussie Band", had other ideas.

Created: 02 July 2012
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Men model their behaviour on the fathers who raise them. But what happens in the absence of a man on which to model? How do these boys learn to become who they are and in turn raise male offspring of their own?

Created: 12 June 2012
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