Rebekka Salmi

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Rebekka Salmi
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I am very unsure about Out of the Blue - a unique tale of two old friends who fall in love, while holidaying at a beach with their husbands.

Created: 07 February 2008
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Bite Me is a high energy cabaret show that will get you laughing, have you singing, and give you an appreciation for large instruments.

Created: 06 February 2008
Hits: 2230

Steven Dawson, has written a very witty, intelligent and entertaining work with The Boy on the Beach

Created: 01 February 2008
Hits: 2604

There’s nothing better than an innocent audience, ready to experience the magic of the theatre. For some it was no doubt the first time.

Created: 06 December 2007
Hits: 7151

I had no idea what I was in for when I rushed to view Sydney Dance Company, and their production of Berlin

Created: 30 November 2007
Hits: 2433
Kaki King

There is something magic about her instrumental compositions that evoked for me, not only a variety of emotions, but allowed me to create stories.

Created: 24 November 2007
Hits: 3465

What I found most exhilarating about this production was the ability for it to emotionally affect. This play has the power to cleverly unearth the psyche of a murderer

Created: 19 November 2007
Hits: 2326

There is something intimate, infectious and personal about his delivery

Created: 08 November 2007
Hits: 3079

Here is a play where nothing is what it seems. A play that is exhausting, funny, twisted and manipulative.

Created: 25 October 2007
Hits: 3100

Art is an intellectual battle between two friends, Serge and Marc. They are fighting over the purchase of a rather simple painting, its worth and its meaning.

Created: 19 October 2007
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