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Paul Kooperman
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Improvisation is about taking risks, intentionally moving out of one’s comfort zone to try something new, make an offer of an idea for someone to respond to without knowing exactly what will happen.

Created: 02 November 2009
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The Transposed Man is an outlet for Ross to test his versatility and flex his comic-character-creation muscle.

Created: 25 September 2009
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Dean Bryant and Mathew Frank are a formidable writing duo having had huge success with their musicals over the years.

Created: 14 September 2009
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As the gilded velvet curtain rises, revealing row upon row of paper lanterns (red, of course), the audience is prepared for a visually gorgeous display.

Created: 11 August 2009
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Kris Stewart has done a masterful job of integrating the elements of set, circus, performances, scene and song. In fact, the star-studded list of names involved in this production is awe-inspiring.

Created: 04 August 2009
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Jimmy James is a likeable, experienced, super energetic, wonderful performer and gets better with every show

Created: 23 April 2009
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Once again, no one gives more bang for their buck than American comic Arj Barker

Created: 06 April 2009
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The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps, “Alfred Hitchcock's classic spy thriller cleverly recreated for the stage”, is back in town, currently playing at the Playhouse Theatre at the Arts Centre.

Created: 03 February 2009
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The Needle and the Damage Done is a personal invitation to hear Fiona Scott-Norman’s view of the top ten of the worst records ever released in the history of the world.

Created: 20 December 2008
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Shane always said his life was a soap opera – fame, fortune, failure, fidelity and forever battling the ferocious Australian media – perfect material for musical theatre.

Created: 13 December 2008
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