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Georgia Fox
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Some acts seem like they were made for The Spiegeltent. San Lazaro is one of them.

Created: 29 October 2008
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Audience members’ walking out was almost to be expected in this provocative staging of Barrie Kosky’s latest directorial endeavour; a production that manages to pose the unanswerable question: ‘What is Art?’

Created: 12 October 2008
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Tomasz Stanko
Melbourne Interview

After making his mark in hometown Krakow in the early 1960s and bringing the free-jazz movement to Europe, Stanko has travelled the world with his challenging but delicate compositions. On a phone from Warsaw, Stanko shares his musical motivations with Australian Stage's Georgia...

Created: 25 April 2008
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Don’t let Harry Connick Jr.’s ten minute riff about mangoes fool you into thinking that he doesn’t take music seriously.

Created: 29 March 2008
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Dressed in a three piece blue velvet suit, Clark gallops onto the stage like a 70s game show host, complete with a toothy smile and a gag about kissing his dentist.

Created: 27 March 2008
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These two, one act plays represent the liminal zones where those struggling with their past can rest, and perhaps find solace

Created: 04 March 2008
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Keating! is fast becoming an Australian classic. Or perhaps more accurately, Keating! is fast becoming a ‘classic Australian’, with a style and charisma that rivals the man himself.

Created: 17 February 2008
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Can you ever have too much of a good thing? After watching hedonistic performer Rufus Wainwright grace the stage of Hamer Hall for just under three hours, one can only wonder

Created: 03 February 2008
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We are whisked off our feet by Goddard’s laconic enthusiasm as she prances around the small stage, recalling people and places she visited while in the city of light.

Created: 29 November 2007
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A distinctly European wit and comedic timing imbue the heavy material with a freshness not found in traditional performances of Medea

Created: 18 October 2007
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