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Avi Lipski
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It is powerful stuff. Sometimes too powerful. Food Court is a work that seems almost too dark and tragic to compute.

Created: 11 October 2008
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In Shout!, it sometimes feels like the actors are aware of the awkwardness of their lines, and are just waiting for the music to start so they can have a dance

Created: 16 January 2008
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Don We Now Our Gay Apparel has everything you'd expect from a Christmas show: carols with nifty harmonies, jokes about wrapping presents, and a twisted take on a traditional Christmas tale

Created: 23 December 2007
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In Crossing Live, screen writer/director Matt Saville and composer Bryony Marks have taken the fascinating inner machination of a current affairs studio and extracted music from all the noise and chaos

Created: 22 September 2007
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Shadow Passion

Shadow Passion is a complex and vivid masterpiece that comes alive with deeply mesmerising performances and a classy, slick design.

Created: 10 September 2007