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James Waites
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Gallipoli is a huge technical achievement by any standards. It’s an epic tale realized to epic proportions.

Created: 01 August 2008
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This was a showbiz industry night to the hilt! And what an ‘industry’ it is these days, if that means great gorgeous lumps of quality product flying off the conveyor belt and into the laps of stamping-their-feet paying audiences around Australia. James Waites reports on this...

Created: 31 July 2008
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V Day

Every now and again you walk into a show with little expectation and come away at the end totally bowled over. This happened last Sunday (29 June) when I was invited to a single ‘fundraiser’ performance of Eve Ensler’s provocatively titled, The Vagina...

Created: 10 July 2008
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Every now and again a show comes along that is so fresh and different it can defeat reviewers and, without word going out, theatre lovers miss out on what they might greatly enjoy.

Created: 12 May 2008
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As always with Stoppard the themes are big – but mainly it’s a study of the various social freedoms and restrictions that go hand-in-hand with both communism and democracy/capitalism.

Created: 21 April 2008
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Sometimes a show comes along that is just so much fun all you can suggest is that people looking for laugh go along and see it.

Created: 13 April 2008
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Nevin’s performance is technically virtuosic, in a most subtle and understated way, superbly nuanced as it swings from bravado to self doubt, false courage to the real thing, from savvy thinking to mixed feelings

Created: 04 April 2008
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Sorry readers I have taken so long to get back to my blogging. I was in Melbourne doing interviews for the National Library: hard work and lots of fun, mostly some of the folks who had been involved in the early days of the Pram Factory. More interviews required and I hope to give you a report on...

Created: 13 March 2008
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Purcell’s direction is fresh and, as sad as some of the story is, the touch is always light.

Created: 09 March 2008
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embrace: GUILT FRAME sets out to explore these states, literally within an approximately 2x1 metre ‘gilt frame’. And wow, is it a roller-coaster journey

Created: 07 March 2008
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