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A feminine counterpart to Krapps’s Last Tape, but funnier, and arguably less dour, Happy Days is happier, with wishful wisps of hope and a wistful whisper of nostalgia.

Created: 14 June 2021
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Accompanied by the incredible Melbourne Sympathy Orchestra under the direction of Benjamin Northey, the comedic cabaret covid free powerhouse eventually arrived on stage to kick off two incredible hours over two fabulous evenings at our glorious Hamer Hall.

Created: 24 May 2021
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David Ireland’s Ulster American hammers us with humour, hubris and hypocrisy.

Created: 17 May 2021
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Come Dance with Me is a brand new TV dance competition show filming at Docklands Studio Melbourne for American Television.

Created: 09 May 2021
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Drop cloth back drop and living statues in flesh linseed linen loincloth set the scene for Wendy Beckett’s classically chiselled theatrical bio, Claudel.

Created: 30 April 2021
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For fans of the musical, the problems and changes to the book and plot of Chess are as familiar to them as the score itself and arguably, all this messing about has resulted in an inability to now claim anything as a definitive version. 

Created: 26 April 2021
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Through the eyes of her own children during a family holiday to the German capital in 2015, Murray-Smith pondered the feelings and implications for the young drawn to a city so rich in history and creativity but also one so profoundly soaked in shame.

Created: 24 April 2021
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The behaviour of the men is misogynous. The behaviour of men in authority menacing. The Removalists is as relevant today as it was then.

Created: 23 April 2021
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Audiences around Australia will have the opportunity to see Melbourne Theatre Company productions direct from stage to screen with the premiere of MTC Digital Theatre – Friday 16 April 2021.

Created: 14 April 2021
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Andrew Myer AM, Chairman, Sidney Myer Fund has announced the winners of the 2020 Sidney Myer Performing Arts Awards. 

Created: 02 April 2021
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