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Producer and Director Karen Jemison has assembled an incredibly present, intelligent and enthusiastic young cast who burst onto stage with momentum and energy and rise together seamlessly to create strong and impressive ensemble work.

Created: 18 September 2019
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Nine months gestation and a baby girl is delivered. For four years, she is the light and love of her parents, and then she goes missing. For nine months.

Created: 16 September 2019
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Courage is at the core of the Sidney Myer Creative Fellowships and this year; nine exceptional mid-career artists have been announced as 2019 Sidney Myer Creative Fellows.

Created: 12 September 2019
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The name Moira Finucane comes labelled with many superlatives – world renowned, multi award winning, even national treasure. Her performance in her latest work, The Rapture Chapter II: Art vs Extinction, leaves you in no doubt that these labels are well justified.

Created: 09 September 2019
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Making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear you need to go the whole hog.

Created: 02 September 2019
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While at surface Sunday in the Park with George is a story about the creation of art and the difficulties faced by the artist, the depth, heart and emotional wrench of this piece is the relationship and compromises made between George and his muse Dot.

Created: 26 August 2019
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Award winning experimental theatre company The Danger Ensemble delivers a challenging and at times confronting work in Let Men Tremble.

Created: 21 August 2019
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The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow has been a long time coming for the First Nations people of Australia.

Created: 15 August 2019
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From its shockingly hilarious beginning to its shockingly powerful brick through a plate glass window ending, City of Gold is pure theatrical gold.

Created: 04 August 2019
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Manifesto, noun. A public declaration of policy and aims.

Created: 22 July 2019
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