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Ten scene books providing a unique visual record of Australia’s early theatre history, have been digitised and made available online for all to download, study and enjoy.

Created: 12 May 2018
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The former Victoria Police Mounted Branch stables have been transformed into world-class teaching and learning facilities for students of the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Music following an $18 million make-over.

Created: 12 May 2018
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It might go down a treat as a Nanny's business card, but it seems to have little currency for Tara Marice's character, Sandra in Brooke Robinson's Good Cook. Friendly. Clean.

Created: 10 May 2018
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Described as a post traumatic play, Hungary Ghosts is both complex and challenging. While conscious in its use of multiple characters and threads, commentary on national themes does give echo to a central, more personal narrative around culture, loss, belonging,...

Created: 10 May 2018
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HG Wells' The Time Machine provided the clearest insistence on the insecurity of progress and the possibility of human degeneration and extinction, written towards the end of an era, shot through with pessimism and impenitent socialism.

Created: 15 April 2018
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Sydney based designer Michael Hankin is the 2018 recipient of The Kristian Fredrikson Scholarship For Design in The Performing Arts.

Created: 12 April 2018
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Mary Anne Butler's text sounds like the enunciated version of a tonal poem. There are no emotional explosions, the tone throughout is cool and casual. Flat. Prattling on in poetic prose that is heavy with exposition from elliptical beginning to end, engendering recitation rather...

Created: 10 April 2018
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Welcome to The Flick, a Worcester, Massachusetts movie theatre, home to one of the last motion picture projectors in the state. The Flick is a dinosaur in the digital age, owned by an unseen proprietor and operated by a sassy projectionist and two general hands who clean and run the box office and the...

Created: 08 April 2018
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A kitchen sinker for the 21st Century, The Children cements playwright Lucy Kirkwood's place in contemporary theatre's pantheon of stylists with form.

Created: 05 April 2018
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Applications are now open for the two-year Contemporary Asian Australian Performance (CAAP) Directors Initiative at Melbourne Theatre Company.

Created: 03 April 2018
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