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If you were waiting for a verdict before buying a ticket, don’t – this run is short, and Todd McKenney is seriously good.

Created: 19 July 2018
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It's 1979 in Brisbane, Australia, and Deb, Nick, Pete and Rachel meet at a gig, start a band, and find out – the hard way – why their town stays so quiet. Australian Stage has TWO DOUBLE pass to give away!

Created: 09 July 2018
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Historical events from almost 300 years ago are made shockingly relevant as the "It Girl" of Versailles finds herself the centre of a revolution. Australian Stage has TWO DOUBLE passes to give away!

Created: 26 June 2018
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Is it greed or is it kindness that determines our salvation? Who gets to own trauma and who should profit from it?

Created: 23 June 2018
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Seeing a performer more than capable of immense vocal power use it skilfully, seldomly and contextually was a masterclass to the countless singers in the audience

Created: 21 June 2018
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It really is something to walk out of an event genuinely uplifted by talent. The Opening Gala of the 2018 Melbourne Cabaret Festival was not only a fun and classy evening, it was an alluring glimpse into a fine programme canvassing some truly extraordinary performers.

Created: 20 June 2018
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Dolly Diamond

Radiating mere metres from Chapel off Chapel, Miss Dolly Diamond graciously acknowledged the attention from passers-by as a micro consequence of her commitment to the promotion of Melbourne’s forthcoming Cabaret Festival.

Created: 12 June 2018
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From one of Australia’s most acclaimed playwrights, Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre's description of Joanna Murray-Smiths’ Fury as, ‘a scintillating, often hilarious and profoundly provocative work,’ feels somewhat understated for failing to mention “Seat flinching discomfort.”

Created: 07 June 2018
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Stalking The Bogeyman sifts through rage, recrimination and revenge, exploring ideas of redemption and reconciliation.

Created: 27 May 2018
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What sounds like a silly as a supermarket trolley wheel romp, The Walworth Farce is a sinister story of history held hostage by homicidal patriarchy.

Created: 25 May 2018
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