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Rachel Orzech
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It was an impressively polished performance from a world-class ensemble, and it attracted a large and very appreciative audience.

Created: 23 October 2009
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A Melbourne Symphony Orchestra concert with an all-Australian program is a rare thing, but then the Melbourne International Arts Festival specialises in promoting rare, unusual and interesting art.

Created: 18 October 2009
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It was a dazzling performance by an ensemble of musicians who are clearly committed to the music they play, and who obviously gain great enjoyment from it.

Created: 11 October 2009
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The three young musicians who make up Golden Fur are not afraid of experimentation, and in the field of new music they can’t afford to be.

Created: 08 September 2009
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Eva Yerbabuena’s flamenco is the real thing: pure, fierce dance with only music as adornment.

Created: 29 August 2009
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Violinist Natsuko Yoshimoto was the star of the show on Friday night at the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Jean Sibelius’s Violin Concerto.

Created: 02 August 2009
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Unclassifiable, Wunderschön straddles cabaret, theatre, and classical music in its re-imagining of 21 Lieder by nineteenth-century composers Robert Schumann and Franz Schubert.

Created: 22 June 2009
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Barely Contained makes you laugh, think, gasp, grab on to the edge of your seat, let out a sigh of relief, and then laugh again.

Created: 21 June 2009
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While the image of Brahms as a turbulent and highly sensitive ‘Great Romantic’ is easily understood, Arnold Schoenberg is perhaps not the first composer to come to mind when we think of Romanticism in music.

Created: 16 June 2009
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Performing new and experimental music, particularly in an ensemble that is traditionally associated with Western ‘high art’ and classical music, is a risky business.

Created: 09 June 2009
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