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Danu Poyner
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The difficulty in staging a production of Singin' in the Rain is that everyone who goes to see it has the 1952 film stamped indelibly in their imagination and this becomes a tacit benchmark for the performance.

Created: 24 August 2013
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Watching Cavalia is to recover something of our humanity, like a gentle reawakening after a long and empty sleep.

Created: 26 July 2013
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Although there are some good (terrible?) puns, gags and one-liners, the real mark of a good Theatresports scene is the ability to develop rich characters and a plausible storyline.

Created: 15 July 2013
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While an icy wind blows through the open set, the heat is all in the performances.

Created: 29 June 2013
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Mike Birbiglia's My Girlfriend's Boyfriendis a delightful piece of performance storytelling, taking stand-up comedy material and crafting it memorably into a larger narrative with moments of...

Created: 30 March 2013
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Scissor Sisters are a band that is at their best live, where their musical skill is superb and their songs are embellished by relaxed but tightly choreographed performance. Bold, brash and confidently sexual, the Sisters are always a welcome visitor to...

Created: 29 September 2012
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Combining flawless brass performance with physical comedy and absurdist theatre, there's nothing quite like Austrian ensemble Mnozil Brass. Their show Blofeld expertly combines sophistication, irreverence and a slightly dark and twisted worldview. Small wonder they've been called the 'Monty...

Created: 27 September 2012
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Neil Cole's play about Groucho Marx strikes out for a path between life history and nostalgia. Despite a few wobbles, it largely succeeds.

Created: 18 August 2012
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Yon (from Tripod) has a solo cabaret show called Mandaddy that opens at Chapel Off Chapel later this month. As he says, he's not leaving Tripod, he just wants to speak by himself for five freakin' minutes!

Created: 07 August 2012
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What vocabulary should we reach for when someone exhibits 'deviant' behaviour?

Created: 21 July 2012
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