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I’m With Her | Darlinghurst Theatre CompanyLeft (l-r) – Shakira Clanton, Emily Havea and Deborah Galanos. Photos – Robert Catto

One fears that the audience attracted to I’m With Her will be a congregation of confederates, so that the strong and powerful stories presented in this stirring theatrical event will be preachings to the converted.

Im With Her is a testimony to the tyrannical testosterone patriarchy entrenched and prevalent in our society, the caging of the feminine, the undermining of the feminine that endures and diminishes our moral and spiritual prosperity. Patriarchy is not just power over women, but some men’s power over other men, that promotes a self perpetuating cycle of misogyny and inequality. I’m With Her seeks to see the difference between men and women and propagate the idea, the ideal, not to perceive the difference as a problem.

Directed by Victoria Midwinter Pitt, I’m With Her is a compelling collection of real-life stories from Australian women. From bartenders and Prime Ministers, to world champion athletes and nuns, these are stories of resilience and resistance in the age of #MeToo and #Time’sUp.

Actors Gabrielle Chan, Shakira Clanton, Lynette Curran, Deborah Galanos & Emily Havea present first hand accounts from Anne Aly, counter terrorism expert and parliamentarian, sex worker activist, Julie Bates, environmentalist, Marion Blackwell, champion athletes, Erin Phillips and Pam Burridge, Nikki Keating, bartender, Catholic nun, Patricia Madigan, foundation chair of Australian Indigenous Studies, Marcia Langton and Julia Gillard.

Featuring written contributions by slam poet Arielle Cottingham, playwright Michele Lee, Lady Sings it Better Writers Maeve Marsden & Libby Wood, and Comedian Jordan Raskopoulos, I’m With Her weaves a golden thread and spins a compelling and glorious yarn that creates a gorgeous tapestry of the ingenious and darkly funny ways women have for reasons outstandingly illustrated, outlasted, outwitted and out-muscled the patriarchy.

Darlinghurst Theatre Company presents

Director Victoria Midwinter Pitt

Venue: Eternity Theatre | 39 Burton Street Darlinghurst NSW
Dates: 9 Nov – 1 Dec 2019
Bookings: www.darlinghursttheatre.com



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