Wonders | Scott Silven

Wonders | Scott SilvenPhoto – Jeff Smith

Hypnotic, entertaining or just a load of bull? A piece that will either blow you away or draw out your inner detective.

Part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival, the mentalist Scott Silven enters looking effortlessly cool in his tailored two piece and starts weaving a web of imagination for his audience. If you fall under the spell, the rhetoric will keep you inundated until the end. If you know what's going on you will still have moments of wonder and that's what it's all about.

Within The Famous Spiegeltent a mixture of responses arose from the audience. Some naysayers whispered their thoughts on how something was done whilst others simply blurted out "that was like awesome".

Like most mentalist performances, audience participation is rampant in Wonders with people asked to share names, memories and numbers which miraculously appear in sealed envelopes untouched by the mentalist. Thoughts are summoned into words and ideas are cut up and revealed with magic. All leading up to a mind blowing ending that will have you talking after the show. Not too much can be discussed without ruining the setups and revelations.

If you know about magic you will be impressed by the slight of hand. If you are a novice to the world of illusions and mentalists, this work will definitely make you Wonder.

Scott Silven presents
by Scott Silven

Director Scott Silven

Venue: The Famous Spiegeltent | Arts Centre Melbourne Forecourt 100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC
Dates: 5 – 20 October 2019
Bookings: www.festival.melbourne



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