Work It – New Manifestos | Candy Bowers and guestsPhoto – Hana Schlesinger

Manifesto, noun. A public declaration of policy and aims.

Within the intimate space of the Arts House in North Melbourne, women from diverse backgrounds and experiences take to the stage and use the platform to give clear and defiant voice to all that is difficult, challenging and joyous in identifying as WOMAN!

Work It – New Manifestos has Melbourne's "finest and fiercest share their manifestos for change through their words, bodied and music." Curated and hosted by renowned writer, activist and comedian Candy Bowers, a lineup of 12 performers speak of the many facets of womanhood, through spoken word performance (Piplepileta, Jamaica, Jess Knight), in song (Simona Castricum) or dance (Emma Edwardes).

They speak of motherhood, birth, how it is to express sexuality, gender identity. Of what it is to be a woman "of colour" in a white world of male privilege. At all points there is an undeniable aspiration to be seen and to be heard, to be recognised as a being of worth who has value and a contribution that is valid.

Be under no illusion, the struggle is real, it is constant. There is always a need to state your case, claim your ground. This Manifesto is to be continued!

Arts House presents
Work It – New Manifestos
Candy Bowers and guests

Director Maude Davey

Venue: Arts House | North Melbourne Town Hall, 521 Queensberry St, North Melbourne VIC
Dates: 12 July 2019
Tickets: $15 – $10

Part of Future Assembly (10 – 13 July 2019)


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