Wunderage | Circus Oz and Company 2Left – Jess McCrindle and Lachy Shelley. Cover – Lachy Shelley. Photos – Aaron Walker

Wunderage is a collaborative performance piece between Circus Oz and Company 2. Described by Circus Oz Artistic Director Rob Tannion as an "off beat promenade performance that lets the audience immerse themselves in the show."

On the darkest day of the year people gathered at the historic Meat Market in North Melbourne. With no fixed seating you are invited to roam and explore an atmospheric, shadowy "otherworld" created by Paul Lim's lighting direction. The following 70mins becomes a fully physical experience, where you are constantly compelled to move throughout the space. It is for you to choose your own best vantage point, always looking upwards. It is up to you how best to engage with the marvellous human feats of strength and dexterity suspended above.

Aerial acts that leave you mesmerised... can he REALLY ride that bicycle ALL ALONG the wire (David Trappes)... she can't possibly hold a head stand ALL the way up there (Jess McGrindle)... I can't believe I just saw someone tumble THAT fast from THAT height (Skip Milne Walker).

Being so close to the performance creates moments where the strain and sheer focus of performance are visible in each quivering step and bead of sweat. You hold your breath, you tense your body. This is not passive spectating, this is visceral.

As a perfect accompaniment Wunderage is absorbed in a live soundscape provided by Grant Arthur and Bonnie Stewart. At times just sparce percussives ramping up the tension through to lush, haunting vocals hypnotically holding your gaze.

Wunderage unfolds around, above and beside you, there are no lines of separation. It is a journey taken together. One that will leave you exhilarated, if not a little breathless.

Circus Oz in collaboration with Company 2 present

Venue: Meat Market | 5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne VIC
Dates: 20 – 30 June 2019
Tickets: $49 – $35
Bookings: www.circusoz.com



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