Gifted Underachiever | Cal Wilson

Gifted Underachiever | Cal WilsonCal Wilson is a delight, the beloved kiwi born comedian is back for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with the show Gifted Underachiever.

Brimming with Wilson’s trademark cheeky comedy, she engages the audience with her warmth.

Whilst the routine is at times self-deprecating, Wilson is not to be pitied, you get the impression that for all the perceived idiosyncrasies of her life, she relishes it and all those around her.

Wilson is a positive force to be reckoned with in a world so often filled with doom and gloom or shock jock comedy and a much needed reprieve from both.

The writer and comedian keeps the giggles coming throughout the show with stories of her affinity for cats and the best way to pat a dog.

A light in the darkness, Cal Wilson is the delightful pocket sized performer with stories of suburban life that will appeal to a wide ranging audience.


A Token Event
Gifted Underachiever
Cal Wilson

Venue: Victoria Hotel | 215 Lt Collins St Melbourne VIC
Dates: 28 March – 21 April 2019
Tickets: $25 – $36



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