Wil-Informed | Wil Anderson

Wil-Informed | Wil AndersonWil is now 45 and it’s time for the middle-aged, white, hetero men to have their say! This threatened species needs to reclaim its position in the world and find its voice.

But apparently the white, middle-aged hetero men who have taken to writing to Wil Anderson don’t like with the voice he’s giving them, and aren’t shy in sharing their disappointment. Luckily for the rest of us, that simply provides more material for Wil to make a mockery of.

As he says, “We’ve had a pretty good run – we almost made it to the end of the world.”

The State of the Planet is a key issue keeping Wil awake at night – that and how much he’s paying his therapist – but that doesn’t mean there’s no jokes to be had. Wil is a master of recognising and teasing out the ridiculous in the world and he has lost none of his touch – although the anger seems to have toned down a bit.

He still works the crowd like a master too, so if you don’t want to become part of the show, make sure you’re not late. One of the joys of the MICF is the audience are generally old hands too, and are game for some fun. Wil is one of a growing number of comics who are fully transparent about how they’re working their routine and looking for laughs, and the crowd just love being included in the joke.

After so many years of annual shows, going to see Wil Anderson is a bit like popping in to catch up on an old mate – the hips still playing up? Still on the weed? Got a new therapist – great! And yes, how good was that advert?!

It’s comfort comedy for those who like a smart mind analysing the crazy times we live in, seen through a cynic’s eye but critiqued with a kind heart.

This is Wil Anderson’s 23rd year of performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and he’s aware there are people in the audience younger than that.

But the good news is there are 21-year-olds still interested in seeing Wil Anderson, although that’s not surprising when he’s spent the past decade rating his socks off on The Gruen Transfer, and still proves on stage that those ad-lib wisecracks aren’t purely scripted – that’s how his brain works.

Stuffy government departments might be treating him like an old fart, but he still dresses like a kid, thinks like a kid and has the energy of a kid. Except when it comes to computers, maybe.

Pop in to see him – he said to say hi.

A Token Event
by Wil Anderson

Venue: Comedy Theatre | 240 Exhibition St, Melbourne VIC
Dates: 27 March – 21 April 2019
Tickets: $35 – $54.90
Bookings: www.comedyfestival.com.au

Suitable for audiences 16+


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