Nice People Nice Things Nice Situations | Rhys Nicholson

Nice People Nice Things Nice Situations | Rhys NicholsonRhys Nicholson describes himself not so much in terms of gender but more like that ‘special aunt all of us have.’ This description is actually rather perfect given how much fun that special aunt always was. Never quite knowing what she might say or do next or indeed, how on earth she ever managed to be quite so…. like that special aunt all of us have.

Covering the broadest of topics in no particular or logical order, time with this comic firework feels like a portal into a therapy session without any time for the encroaching views of the specialist. Observations this sharp, this smart, this true and this twisted make Rhys Nicholson so incredible likeable, you just want to hang around with him for the ride and the joy while wearing a cloak of invisibility for fear of featuring in his next outpouring.

A proud gay comedian and advocate yes, wanting to scaffold the expectations and aspiration of an entire community, no. Nicholson is far too solid in content and delivery to ever get the ‘Gadsby tut-tut’ for gurgling down the plug hole of gay self-deprecation. This is skilled quick-fire intellectual humour that demands and commands absolute attention to avoid the devastation of missing a single word.

Rhys Nicholson is a master of in the moment mind gushing ‘what I’m really thinking’ asides that feel so incredibly spontaneous you wonder did he plan anything at all but a time to turn up. Great fun to watch and listen to and a massively worthy winner of numerous comedy accolades here and abroad. Utterly hilarious and given who was there in the audience when I went, not unknown to mega Aussie / Hollywood A listers too. He’s brilliant – Go!

Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Nice People Nice Things Nice Situations
Rhys Nicholson

Venue: The Victoria Hotel – Banquet Room. 215 Lt Collins St. Melbourne VIC
Dates: 28 March – 21 April 2019
Tickets: $25 – $33

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