Herringbone | SquabbalogicLeft – Jay James-Moody. Cover – Jay James-Moody. Photos – David Hooley.

A musical about a man with multiple personalities, Herringbone showcases the multiple talents of actor, singer, dancer, Jay James-Moody.

It’s the Big Daddy Global Financial Crash of 1929 and the play begins with George Herringbone sitting on a window sill multi storeys up, contemplating suicide. It wasn't called the Great Depression for nothing!

George Herringbone, a suitable stage name as you’ll discover, is the narrator of the play, and is played by Jay James-Moody, who assumes all the other roles in the piece. It’s a delightful box of oddities and Jay James-Moody has a field day frolicking and flaunting his estimable talent.

There’s George, the eight year old child prodigy, Lou The Frog, a middle aged midget with a homicidal bent who acts as his manager. Arthur, his avaricious father, his mother, Louise, and an effete drama teacher. The adults have brought George to Hollywood to get him into the movies and make them all a lot of moolah.

Jay James-Moody makes magic in quick transformations between characters, finding indellible habits and voices for each role. All this and singing and swimming too!

Jay James-Moody is amply supported by a three piece band, comprising Natalya Aynsley on keys, Amanda Jenkins on double bass and Tom McCracken on drums.

Set and lighting design by Benjamin Brockman makes a round table out of a traverse stage to terrific effect and Jessica James-Moody’s evocative sound design is a thrilling acoustic icing on top.

Billed as a vaudevillian ghost story, this Australian premier of Herringbone by Tom Cone with music by Skip Kennon and lyrics by Ellen Fitzhugh, is haunting and hilarious, reflective and rollicking, a real rebel rouser of an entertainment.


Squabbalogic presents
by Tom Cone | music Skip Kennon | lyrics  Ellen Fitzhugh

Directors Jay James-Moody and Michael Ralph

Venue: Kings Cross Theatre (KXT) | Level 2, Kings Cross Hotel, Kings Cross, Sydney NSW
Dates: 18 January – 2 February 2019
Tickets: $49 – $20. *Door sales attract a $5 premium
Bookings: www.squabbalogic.com.au



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