Garfield: the Musical with Cattitude | StageArtI think there’s something about Garfield that appeals to the gluttonous, Netflix-gorging lazybones in all of us. Who doesn’t have moments when heaven is eating, napping, eating, napping and more eating? This is surely the secret to his popularity and longevity, loved by generation after generation for 40 years – first appearing on paper in 1978. As of 2013, the Garfield strip syndicated in roughly 2,580 newspapers and journals.

StageArt do a brilliant job of bringing the recalcitrant ginge and his furry family to life on the big G’s 40th Birthday – gorgeous voices and harmonies, snappy dancing and engaging performances that had the kids enthralled.

While the little ones seemed  initially thrown to see that the cast took human form, this was forgotten quickly once the animated faces of the fast-stepping cast buzzed across the stage.

When Garfield realises his birthday falls on a Monday – the “armpit of the week” – he’s not impressed, and even less impressed when he thinks everyone has forgotten it. His decision to run away and live in the alley way is short lived when he discovers the only food on offer comes from the garbage bin and there is no TV “on the outside”. And the lesson is kids: be thankful for whatcha got.

My mini-human entourage were thrilled and gave it 5 Stars – there were giggles galore. As an adult, the American accents grated (don’t kids get enough American accents in TV and film?), and I thought an Aussie accented Garfield would have worked quite well (don't we excel at laconic and lazy?) but StageArt were sticking to the brand.

StageArt presents
Garfield: the Musical with Cattitude
by Michael Bobbitt and Jim David | music and lyrics John L. Cornelius II

Director Luigi Lucente

Venue: Chapel off Chapel | 12 Little Chapel St Prahran VIC
Dates: 3 – 13 April 2018
Tickets: $26.50



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