Disappointments | Judith Lucy and Denise ScottThese are two funny sheilas and this show is far from disappointing. Yes “sheilas” – they both revel in their unique ‘Australian-ness’, and on this occasion they explore the pitfalls of aging to an audience who were very sympathetic to these woes. We started laughing immediately as they wallowed through their self-pitying lives and it rarely let up through the evening.

Impressively this is the first instance I have ever seen in a theatre where even the audience participation segments were met with excitement and delight rather than the usual terror that often precedes these interactive moments. These two are masters of the ‘off the cuff’ retort and had both their victims and audience in stitches.

Ms Lucy’s style of self-deprecatory shtick works well with this kind of material, and her delivery has lovely echoes of that particular Australian vocal musicality made immortal by Dame Edna. It is really interesting to watch this skilful comedienne at work. Watching someone who is actually a quite beautiful woman with an energy that makes her quite radiant, succeed in painting herself as a plain and pathetic figure is quite amazing. Her one liners are sharp and on point.

And Ms Scott, who I’m sure must now qualify as a ‘doyenne’ of Australian comedy, is a master of extended storytelling, and the two contrasting styles complement each other perfectly.

They weave new material with a couple of old prop favourites, and the only moment that faltered slightly was a segment of insults that maybe got a little too savage. The audience loved these two and to hear them ‘slagging each other off’, while still amusing, resulted in one of the quieter moments of the night. We are all our own worst critics, and while this provides the fodder for most of their comedic style – sometimes we may all need to be kinder on ourselves.

I don’t want to give away the gags but suffice to say the show resonates most highly with an over 40 audience. Nevertheless, it remains enjoyable for everyone, and is highly recommended for a great laugh. Its only an hour or so, so there’s still time for a drink after – an undertaking both performers would I’m sure actively encourage! Ideally in a very, very large glass with a bendy straw!


Sydney Opera House in association with Token Events present
Judith Lucy and Denise Scott

Venue: Playhouse | Sydney Opera House
Dates: 30 Jan – 11 Feb 2018
Tickets: from $55.90
Bookings: www.sydneyoperahouse.com



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